The Wageningen Bibliography

Published on
March 5, 2012

Since the start of the year, the Library has been working on an ambitious project, the Wageningen Bibliography. In this project, the scientific output of Wageningen UR and its predecessors is being collected and digitised. Why are we doing this?

  • Historical material is still relevant for current scientific practice
  • Digitisation is a good way to efficiently preserve heritage
  • Digitisation provides the opportunity to better highlight and disseminate Wageningen’s output.

There is no complete publication overview of Wageningen UR and its pre-1876 predecessors. While Wageningen Yield (WaY) contains the university’s publications from 1976 on, it contains the institutes’ publications only from 1995 on. In addition to WaY, the catalogue also naturally contains an enormous amount of Wageningen material, including descriptions of series that have been published by different units of Wageningen UR.

To complete the Wageningen Bibliography, we will first inventory the publications that we have in-house. We will also start working with assorted databases and publication overviews that we receive from chair groups or institutes. A nice example of this is the complete bibliography from Food and Biobased Research and its predecessors. The bibliography contains more than 6,000 publications from 1933-1996. Furthermore, all Wageningen dissertations are currently being digitised. The theses from the university’s founding until the early 1970s as well as a large set of recent dissertations from the social sciences have already been digitised.

To complete the Wageningen Bibliography, we’ll also consult other bibliographies such as CAB abstracts and the catalogue of the National Library of the Netherlands. In the course of this long-range programme, we will certainly call on the institutes and the chair groups for help.

Do you have any recent or old publication overviews of your institute or group in EndNote or Cardbox? Then please contact Wouter Gerritsma, the Wageningen Bibliography's programme leader.

(newsletter 2-2012)