‘The beetle’ is to become the prime selfie spot on campus

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29 maart 2018

Initiator professor Marten Scheffer hopes on a spontaneous celebration during the reveal of ‘Must Leave’. The sculpture of a beetle rising up from the water will be revealed on 16 May in the Forum pond.

The first preparations for the party have been taken. After the lectures, students and employees are escorted to the pond under the musical supervision of music clubs WSKOV and De Ontzetting. Board chair Louise Fresco will take care of the official part and to make the opening complete, Scheffer has a big potluck dinner and a swinging jam session in mind. He therefore calls on students and employees to bring instruments and and food.

The image of the beetle is made by artist Vang Iversen. He makes it for Scheffer on the occasion of the centenary of WUR.

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