'The broker role in the connection between the primary care sector and the sport sector' by Noor Willemsen

Published on
August 31, 2017

Noor Willemsen succesfully finished her MSc thesis in April 2017. It is a qualitative research investigating the role of care sport connectors (CSCs).

This study identifies the professional’s perspective on the role of CSCs as brokers in the connection between the primary care sector and the sport sector. Included in this aim is the contribution of the CSC role to the sustainability of the connection. The research design of this thesis is qualitative.

Intersectoral collaboration is an upcoming health promoting strategy in which different sectors collaborate to tackle health challenges. Since sectors perceive barriers to collaborate, a broker role is helpful. A broker role is a party that connects sectors that are hindered to collaborate for a shared purpose. Since such a broker role seems promising to connect different sectors, the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport introduced care sport connectors (CSCs) in 2012. These CSCs were assigned to connect the primary care sector to the sport sector in order to guide primary care patients towards local sport facilities.

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