The first edition of the Academic Consultancy Training Award

Published on
May 8, 2019

This is the first edition of the Academic Consultancy Training Award. From now on this will be an annual celebration, organised by the Education Project Services (Onderwijsloket), to stimulate science-based value creation for society through education.

The Academic Consultancy Training (ACT) course is a 9 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) course, spread within 8 weeks. During this course students work in teams on a “real world” transdisciplinary-oriented project for an external commissioner.

In this first ACT-award edition, 62 ACT student teams joined the competition by participating to the ACT course during period 1 and 2, academic year 2018/2019.

By closer examination of 8 ACT project teams, listed by the ACT-coordination team based on the highest grades (averages of the partial and final grades of the teams) and supported by the inputs of coaches and commissioners, the Awarding Committee nominated three ACT project teams. These three ACT project teams were engaged in ACT in a most exemplary manner by creating value for society through their collaborative effort and relevance of their academic consultancy output.

Members of this year’s Awarding Committee are:
• Arnold Bregt (Dean of Education)
• Perry den Brok (Chair holder Education and Learning Sciences)
• Gerlinde van Vilsteren (Project manager Corporate value creation)

Hereby the ACT student teams on the shortlist for winning the Academic Consultancy Training Award:

Title case: Integrating nutrition and physical activities in Rehabilitation Centre Zuiderhout
Team members: Johonna Steketee, Nienke Lindt, Claudia Laarman, Yvonne Buunk, Jacco Diteweg and Lieke Disseldorp
Commissioner: Rehabilitation Centre (RC) Zuiderhout

Title case: Developing an agroforestry farm for safe drinking water
Team members: Daan van Keulen, Evita Laheij, Jits Riepma, Jasper Roebroek, Isabella Selin Norén and Femke Tober
Commissioner: The association Agroforestry the Netherlands (Stichting Agrobosbouw NL)

Title case: Explore opportunities Solar Panels Forest in combining food and energy production
Team members: Roel Dohmen, Neeltje van Dooren, Diego Ocana Nunez, Riccardo Missale, Tijmen Vries and Corine de Winter
Commissioner: Hedgehog Applications

On May 13th (2019), 8:20 AM at Orion, room C1005, after a short introduction about the ACT course, the ceremony of the ACT-award starts. In this ceremony, led by the Dean of Education. three student teams will briefly present their consultancy projects and the ceremony ends by announcing the winner of the first granted ACT-award. The ACT-award consists out of a certificate for all three teams, and prize money for the winning ACT team.

This year’s winner is a prime example of integrating various disciplines, conducting research in a collaborative manner with various stakeholders involved, leading to an end-product that is of great added value for the commissioner.

You are very welcome to join this ACT-ceremony!