The flooding of the Forum Library

Published on
May 6, 2015

The Forum Library was closed from 26 April until 4 May, due to water damage. Our closing inconvenienced many students because it was study week.

During maintenance of the sprinkler system on Saturday 25 April, the sprinklers unexpectedly went off. About 14,000 litres of water were released into the library. The water threatened the book collection on the 4th floor. But, a staff member and several students jumped into action and quickly evacuated the books. Thanks to this rapid action only 20 books were damaged.

By Saturday night most of the water had been removed and 40 industrial fans and blowers had been installed to dry the carpets. The flooding forced the library to close, but other rooms in the Forum building were opened for study. We also set up a Book Issue Point in front of the Library, where people could get books. The exhibition at Special Collections had to be removed, but it is reinstalled now.

On Monday, 4 May, at 10 am, the Library reopened. The Library’s carpet still has large water stains, and some of the woodwork around the ‘sphere’ needs to be replaced. But, we’ll sort this out later this year.