The library of Leo Nagelkerke

Published on
June 20, 2006

In the series ‘The library of …..’, we ask the opinion of library users. This time we asked Leo Nagelkerke. He studied biology and has been a University Teacher since 1999 with the Faculty Chair Fisheries and Fishgrowth of Wageningen UR. Leo daily visits the digital library and very rarely visits the Zodiac Library: “When I am searching for back volumes of journals, or for books of which I am certain we have them in our collection, for current research or to stay informed on my special field.” Leo further explains: “I am using a lot of sections of the digital library, such as the catalogue, of course and I usually find what I am looking for. Furthermore I receive every week this handy email with new acquisitions within the search profile as composed by me in the articles database ARTIK." Leo registers the purchase suggestions for his Faculty Chair and sends them to the Library.

He says to be quite content with the possibilites, the service the Library offers and with its communication. About the new library in the Forum Building he is less enthusiastic: “I am personally rather unhappy about the fact that we will be without a physical library at a walking distance”.

(Newsletter 4-2006)