The library of Mariëtte Kamphuis

Published on
February 20, 2007

During the last few years Drs. Mariëtte Kamphuis has published several remarkable books in the field of architecture and urban planning. Depending on her research she has, in her function as historian of (landscape) architecture, regularly made use of the library. The last few months she could be found weekly in the Jan-Kopshuis, especially with Special Collections, and daily in the digital library.

For her research area, landscape architecture, both historical and recent, she studies nursery catalogues, designers archives, books, journals and photo collections etc.

What should a good library have? Well, except for a fine collection (and the proper budget for this), adequate facilities both for collection and staff and visitors; Service oriented, knowledgeable staff; altogether, the library should also offer a good stimulating atmosphere”, Mariëtte said.

She is looking forward to the transfer to the Forum library: “First of all more material will be available in one place and secondly, I hope for a fresh and modern interior with good workplaces - and also for extension on this subject for Special Collections. This is a real treasure room, which should become more visible and its facilities for studying material should improve. The basement, where it situated now, is much too small for this. Apart from that, the entire Jan Kopshuis is rather decrepit and shabby. I have nothing against the old building, and I hope it will get a new good destination, enabling it to express its very special qualities.”

Mariëtte ends with an appropriate new year wish: “I wish you a very good removal! And yes, once there, will you also remember good copying facilities, also for outsiders!"

(Newsletter 1-2007)