The making of the exclusive 'Hoppy 100 years' beer

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2 augustus 2018

A special beer is brewed for the one hundredth anniversary of the WUR: Hoppy 100 Years. The beer, that received its name from a competition, will be served exclusively on the WUR100FEST the 15th of September. Initiator and WUR employee Tom van Balen is busy brewing and explains what makes the beer so special.

It is a fresh, amber beer’, says Tom van Balen, who works at the IT department of WUR’s Facilities and Services. ‘A true rural beer made with barley malt, but also with other grains such as oat and spelt. I think that goes really well with WUR’s long agricultural history.’ The beer is only brewed once and can only be ordered during the WUR100FEST on 15 September.

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