Het nieuwe telen is vooral nieuwe kennis


The new cultivation is especially new knowledge

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13 juli 2015

The growers in the monitoring project of the new cultivation (HNT) indicate that new knowledge asks. HNT looks in a different way against climate control. A balance between moisture and plant activity is the controlling factor.

How much moisture produces the crop and what is the consequence for the humidity? How much activity has the crop needed to produce good quality? How to control on it? The growers in the project indicate that actually followed the course, HNT, the most important investment. In this course they have learned to understand the above processes better. They have learned how the difference in RH and AH between inside and outside air can be used to control the humidity in the greenhouse. The same applies to the difference in RV under, between and above the screens. This allows much longer use of the energy screens. The growers indicate that it is not always possible to implement this new way of climate control in the computer. They indicate that they have not always clear what settings they can use to realises the right balance in humidity. This demands attention.

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