The scientific reflection group for population decline will get to work!

Published on
March 14, 2018

On the initiative of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Knowledge Platform Demographic Transition (KDT), this reflection group was established to strengthen the connection between science, policy and practice. Prof. dr. Eveline van Leeuwen, together with five other scientists with varying areas of expertise, will address issues related to population decline and regional developments.

We would like to present the scientists to you:

prof.dr. Bettina B. Bock is Professor of Population Drop and Population Living for the Northern Netherlands, Department of Cultural Geography of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen. Recently she is also a personal professor at the Chair Group of Rural Sociology at Wageningen University where she focuses on issues around inclusive rural development in times of urbanisation.

Prof.dr. Gert-Jan Hospers is Professor of Transition in City and Region at the Geography, Planology and Environment Department of Radboud University. He is also an economic geographer at the University of Twente and director of Stichting Stad en Regio, a foundation dedicated to urban and regional development on a human scale.

Prof.dr. Henri L. F. De Groot is professor of regional economic dynamics at the Free University of Amsterdam and also a member of the SER. In his research, he focuses on the effectiveness of regional policy and the foundations of regional development and competitiveness. Eveline van Leeuwen is professor of Urbane Economie at Wageningen University, focusing on two central themes: economics of sustainable urban consumption and healthy lifestyles, as well as economics and policy at the intersection of urban and rural areas.

Dr. Nol Reverda is scientific director of Neimed and as a special lecturer in demographic decline associated with Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. He is also a lecturer in social integration at the Faculty of Social Studies of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. Dick van der Wouw is a senior researcher and advisor at ZB | Planning Bureau in Zeeland and has extensive experience with research in sparsely populated areas.