Theo Duteweerd appointed new manager of Swine Innovation Centre in Sterksel

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15 december 2015

Theo Duteweerd will become the new manager of the Swine Innovation Centre (VIC) in Sterksel with effect from 1 January 2016. The VIC will therefore once again have a full-time manager, joining directly from the pig farming sector.

Duteweerd is currently still the vice chair of the Nederlandse Vakbond Varkenshouders (Dutch Union of Pig Farmers, NVV) and treasurer of the Producenten Organisatie Varkenshouderij (Producers' Organisation for Pig Farming, POV). He will step down from these roles with effect from 1 January in order to be able to fully focus on his new role. Theo Duteweerd succeeds Han Swinkels, who had held the position of interim manager at VIC Sterksel for the past year and a half.

VIC Sterksel is one of the innovation centres of Wageningen UR Livestock Research. One important task of the new manager is to help build a stable future through intensive cooperation within the sector, both within the field of innovation and in financial terms.

Annie de Veer, director of Wageningen UR Livestock Research, explains: 'We are delighted at the arrival of Theo Duteweerd as the new manager of Sterksel. He has good connections with pig farmers and understands their work, and he has demonstrated that he has a good eye for innovation. In our view, he is highly capable of working alongside the sector to take steps towards innovation. The sector has had difficulties for quite a while already, and a great deal is demanded of the capacity for change of pig farmers. We believe that VIC Sterksel can perform an important role in this process.'