These Wageningen researchers rank among the best in their field


These Wageningen researchers rank among the best in their field

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24 november 2017

Marcel Dicke, Vincenzo Fogliano and Ken Giller are three of the ten Wageningen researchers ranked among the best in their field based on citation frequency, according to the new Highly Cited Researchers ranking published by Clarivate Analytics.


Clarivate is an independent firm that analyses statistics. The firm publishes an annual list of researchers who, according to the statistics, scored above average on citation frequency over the past ten years. Other WUR researchers who made the list include Marten Scheffer, Martin van Ittersum, Peter Hollman, Bart Thomma, Marcel Visser, Pedro Crous and Egbert van Nes.


The ranking includes standard information about the researchers (name, discipline and university) and is based on how often their publications were cited by colleagues over the past decade. The list only includes researchers who rank among the top 1% in their field with respect to citations. "You can compare it to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings," says entomologist Marcel Dicke when asked about the significance of the Highly Cited Researchers ranking. "That's why we look forward to the publication every year."

For more information take a look at the full list compiled by Clarivate Analytics.