Theses Online

Published on
January 1, 2009

Wageningen UR Library enters MSc theses into the collection at the request of the chair groups. The paper theses that are delivered by the chair groups are catalogued, complete with keywords and other cataloguing details, stored and kept by the library.

Starting in 2009, Wageningen University wants to have as many theses as possible available, partially because theses are also used for education review committees. The ICT department and the Library have started a project for this, in which it is possible that the data importers in the grade administration system (AIR) can upload the theses, which are often in Word or in pdf-format. The Library then enters the electronic theses into the e-depot (see this newsletter), and in the collections, just like it does with paper theses. The added advantage of digital theses is that they can be better kept and are easier to search.

The uploading of files via the administration system (AIR) is currently being tested by the ICT department with the help of some chair groups. The Library intends to begin very shortly with inputting and processing electronic theses via AIR.

(newsletter 1-2009)