Tip: Did you know that ....

Published on
April 27, 2010

You find increasingly more electronic documents (journal articles, books and theses etc.) in the library?
To access these electronic documents, choose ‘Electronic only’ in the catalogue.

The library has made available all digital books from Springer, Wageningen Academic Publishers and CABI. The Library also has a few complete sets from Elsevier. Consult the catalogue or the digital book you want or go to the website of the book's publisher using the portal section of the Wageningen Digital Library, where you can find an overview of the available e-book collections and e-journals.

E-book readers are becoming increasingly popular. The library gives tips and user instructions and possibilities for the most popular e-book readers (e.g., Sony reader and iPhone). The digital library offers an overview of e-book readers and their functions.

(Newsletter 4-2010)