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Tips for writing a Data Management Plan

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17 september 2018

Writing a Data Management Plan (DMP) can confront you with hard-to-answer questions. The Library has gathered the most important topics in an information sheet.

In a Data Management Plan (DMP), you outline what data you'll collect in a project and how you'll manage it. Funders require you to write a DMP at the start of your project. WUR chair groups and PhD candidates must have one too. But DMP templates might contain questions with terminology that you’re not familiar with, leaving you unsure about what to write. To help you get started, the Library has created the information sheet 'Tips for Writing a Data Management Plan'.

The information sheet introduces topics that are commonly addressed in funders’ DMP templates (think of file formats, data storage, repositories, and metadata standards) and gives tips on how you could approach these in your own DMP.

In the meantime, if you have a plan you'd like to get feedback on, please contact Data Management Support.