Tjeerd Jan Stomph Green Teacher

Published on
March 8, 2017

Together with six other Wageningen University & Research teachers our CSA colleague Tjeerd Jan Stomph has been awarded a Green Teacher Award.

In the spirit of Wageningen University & Rechearch’s ambition to be leader in sustainability, Green Office Wageningen honors teaching staff who distinguish themselves as ‘Green Teachers’.

The idea of the Green Teachers award is to recognize teachers working at Wageningen University who inspire students to think and act in a sustainable manner; Some teachers use innovative methods to stimulate students to be actors of change. Others inspire by being an example to follow. There are also teachers who carefully think about the details of the course and contribute to sustainability by preparing superior digital course materials. All these teachers deserve a recognition for their good work and therefore we want to use the Green Teacher Awards to reward them and put them in the spotlights.

It was the second time this award was handed out and this time the students nominated their own Green Teachers. On the 1st of March there was an award-giving event where all teachers gave inspiring pitches and in the end they received their well-deserved price.

More information and the booklet with the interviews with the teachers can be found here