Tom Mentink's opinion

Published on
July 29, 2005

Tom Mentink has been studying at Wageningen University for a BSc in Food Technology since 2001. He has been a member of the students' library committee since 2004. We asked him for his opinion about the library.

"For a relatively small university we have a high-quality collection containing a great deal of information. I usually use the digital library. I make use of the library in two ways: electronic articles that I operate from my own workstation; books that I want to read 'in the flesh', in other words, the paper version from the library. I also often use the library as a place where I can study. I feel motivated when studying with other students from my year and a good study atmosphere in the library is extremely important to me. A relaxing corner for reading in the new Forum library seems to be a very attractive innovation. Such a centrally situated and vital library with all facilities is an excellent idea. The building plans look good and I hope that enough attention will be paid to the interior. I didn't know too much about the library before I became a member of the committee. Now I have much more insight about its activities, and I must say that it intrigues me enormously. So much is going on but students are unaware of it, maybe that's a good sign: for us it just seems to be run of the mill".

    (newsletter 7-2005)