Trees in Wageningen UR Image Collections

Published on
January 25, 2016

The former tree database Dryade, with almost 1000 species and cultivars, has been added to Wageningen UR Image Collections.

Data from the former tree database Dryade is available in Wageningen UR Image Collections. Included are 958 species and cultivars of trees selected for use in the Dutch urban environment. 60% of the added records has one or two images.

You can narrow your search by tree type, leaf colour in summer, leaf coulour in autumn, size of the tree and the flower colour.

Dryade contains data on the use of trees in Dutch forests, plantations and urban landscapes, such as parks and public gardens and along roads and streets. These data are mainly based on the accumulated outcome of 25 years of research at the former Institute for Forestry and Nature Research IBN-DLO.

More information on storage and access of images.