Trial on 'Birds of the World'

Published on
January 14, 2021

Until 16 February 2021, WUR staff and students can access the resource Birds of the World. Birds of the World contains life history information on more than 10,000 bird species. It also offers a taxonomy explorer, illustrations and photos, videos and sound recordings, and animated maps. Let us know if you think this is a useful resource by filling in the poll!

Ornithological works combined

Besides millions of birds observations from eBird and images from the Macaulay Library, Birds of the World contains four ornithological works:

  • Birds of North America (Cornell Lab)
  • Neotropical Birds (Cornell Lab)
  • Handbook of Birds of the World Alive (originally published by Lynx Edicions)
  • Bird Families of the World (originally published by Lynx Edicions)

Birds of the World is a continuously updated resource and will expand in both functionality and content.

A useful resource?

We consider Birds of the World a useful resource. Please let us know what you think of it, by filling in the poll on the right. You have access to Birds of the World until 16 February, when you're on campus or logged in via My Workspace or VPN. You don't have to register.

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