Two 2016 Excellent Education Prizes for ECS staff

Published on
April 21, 2016

This afternoon the Rector Magnificus handed the 2016 Excellent Education Prizes out to the winners of this year. Two courses of ECS were awarded.

1. ECS65700 – Oral Presentation, which was taught by Luuk Huijgen, Femma Roschar en Ramona Laurentzen. Suzet Zijlstra contributed to it during her start at ECS. Freelancers Suzanne Prak and Sander Griffioen have also contributed to teaching the course. Course coordinator (responsible for scheduling) was Stefan Nortier, who was invited to accept the Prize on behalf of the teaching team. 

2. ECS59803 – Intuitive Intelligence, taught by Marjan Wink (who won the 2014 Excellent Education Prize as well for this course), who ended as second in the category of special courses. Anouk Brack, who is the founder of  this course taught one of the six classes.

Congrats all of you!

Stefan Nortier
Marjan Wink