Two donations to the Vroom-collection

Published on
February 20, 2007

We at the library, also sometimes wonder if chance exists. In 2006 we received, independent of each other, two donations of garden designs from the Vroom family.

Special Collections already owns a collection of rolled-up design drawings from Vroom Bureau for Garden and Landscape Architecture, the work of Jan Vroom Senior (1855-1923) and Jan Vroom Junior (1893-1958).  The archive stayed with the Executive Bureau De Punt in Eelde, part of ISS Landscaping Services. During research into the family‚Äôs works, Eric Blok of Bureau SB4  discovered  also folded drawings from both gentlemen in this archive. Through his mediation ISS Landscaping Services was quite willing to hand over the 88 drawings and some photographs to the Library during a small celebration on 12 December.

Meto Vroom, retired Professor of Landscape architecture and, yes!, a (grand)son, was approached by Mr. Borgesius. He possessed two drawings from the first two generations of Vrooms, working in garden architecture: a drawing from 1846 by Gerardus Vroom (1801-1876) and a drawing from 1868 by Melle G. Vroom (1829-1913). The drawings were donated to the Library early in December. As work and drawings from the earlier Vrooms are hardly found, and very little is known from the first part of the 19th century in this field either, it is a very special gift. They probably are designs for the so-called slingertuinen (meandering gardens), mostly constructed in Groningen for rich farmers. Eric Blok is working on a book about this family of garden architects. In due course the entire Vroom-collection will be available via the TUiN database.

(Newsletter 1-2007)