Two winners happy with unique 100 years of BBQ


Two winners happy with unique 100 years of BBQ

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8 juni 2018

There are again two winners in the month of May of the special 100 years WUR limited edition BBQ. The promotion team 100 years WUR made Ivonne Kampermann and Jiayu Wang happy with the real limited edition BBQ. Congratulations!

Do you also want to win such a unique BBQ in June? Always useful just before the summer holidays! Join the BBQ poster competition. Get a poster from the promotion team in Forum or in the special trailer in front of Forum and hang it well in sight on window or door.

Anyone who wants to participate in this competition can pick up a poster from the 100 years WUR promotion team office (in Forum of in the trailer in front of Forum). Hang it clearly visible from the street on your window or door and you might be grilling burgers on this festive BBQ this summer as well.