UAV supports Estonian Landscape Monitoring Programme

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1 oktober 2015

In september 2015, Sander Mücher and Henk Kramer of the UARSF team were invited by the Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu to demonstrate the use of the UAV system in support of the Estonian Landscape Monitoring Programme.

During a one-week fieldtrip, different landscape regions in Estonia were visited and selected transects were recorded by the UAV equipped with the Hyperspectral Mapping System (HYMSY). From the recorded material, four different types of products are derived that will support the analysis of landscape features and the landscape structure.

The products are:

  • An orthophoto with 2.5 cm resolution
  • A digital terrain model (DTM) with 5 cm resolution
  • A 3D model of the terrain including all upright elements like trees and bushes
  • A hyperspectral data cube, characterizing the biochemistry of the landscape.

The materials will be used by the Estonian University of Life Sciences to investigate the potentials of the UAV derived products for their research and to make decisions about their own UAV technical infrastructure. Collaboration between The Estonian University of Life Sciences and Alterra will continue on these topics.