Uniformity of strawberry cuttings

Gepubliceerd op
12 maart 2014

Anja Dieleman, Sven Clemens and Esther Meinen

Growers and propagators have already for a long time been looking for ways to reduce the large differences in production of strawberry plants. It makes sense that starting the cultivation with uniform cuttings would result in a more uniform production. Therefore, in the current research, 9 groups of cuttings were selected, varying in position on the stolon, age and moment of cutting. After the nursery phase and cold storage, the cuttings were planted in a greenhouse. The number and weight of harvested strawberries was determined per plant. It appeared that the variation in the production of all groups of cuttings was equally large, all groups were equally uniform. That implies that selection of cuttings does not affect the uniformity of the production. Apparently there is another process that results in variation in flower formation and fruit production in the period between harvest of cuttings and production of strawberries.

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