Upcoming seminar (Jan. 19): Jan Paul van Soest on Climate Policies in Times of Trump

Published on
January 9, 2017

The next Environmental Governance Seminar, entitled Climate denial comes to power - climate policies in times of Trump by Jan Paul van Soest. The lecture will take place the 19th of January 2017 from 12:00 - 13:30 in room C81 (Leeuwenborch building). Ir. Jan Paul van Soest (1955) is a well-known consultant, initiator and thinker/writer in the field of sustainability in the Netherlands.

In our Environmental Governance Series, nationally and internationally renowned speakers are invited to speak on an Environmental Governance topic. Lectures are open to the general public. You are warmly invited to attend the upcoming lecture.

An excerpt of the seminar abstract:

'The new President of the US, Donald Trump, is a well-known climate denier. Many of the members of his cabinet are too, with roots in the oil industry and conservative 'think tanks' paid by the industry. While around a year ago, when the Paris climate deal was crafted, the idea was that climate 'scepticism' had come to an end, the US proves otherwise: climate denial now comes to power. That may impact climate policies in other countries as well, both in a positive way (China taking leadership) and in a more negative way ('why should we act now that the US doesn't?').

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About the speaker:

Ir. Jan Paul van Soest (1955), MSc Environmental Sciences Wageningen University, is a well-known consultant, initiator and thinker/writer in the field of sustainability in the Netherlands. With his colleagues in De Gemeynt co-operative (De Gemeynt means The Commons), he leads negotiations on complex social projects and plans where sustainability is in discussion, he gives advice to Governments, businesses and civil society. Furthermore, Jan Paul initiates and develops concepts and activities. He was initiator/quartermaster of the Green Business Council, Association of sustainable companies for a green economy.

Jan Paul is Chairman or member of several boards and advisory bodies, including the Advisory Council of Double Dividend, the supervisory board of the Centre for Agriculture and Environment (CLM), the working group Environment, Energy and Sustainability of the Review Committees for Environmental Laws, President of the Gelderland Nature and Environment Federation, President of the Advisory Council of the Green Business Council, member of the Supervisory Board Energy Fund Overijssel, Board Member Zero Impact Plastics Foundation (ZIP), Member of the Board of the North Pole Academy Foundation, Chair of the Advisory Board of Trees4All Advisory Council, and Member of the Advisory Council RIVM Environmental Institute.

In addition, Jan Paul is author of numerous publications, articles and several books, including the much talked-about book De Twijfelbrigade (2014), analysing the background of climate scepticism: ideologies, lobby, and the human brain seeking comfort and confirmation.