Urban horticulture


Urban horticulture: hype of new types of horticultural production?

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28 oktober 2014

The last decade a new trend in types of horticultural production system is being observed with food production within/nearby cities and providing services. Different forms of these systems occur such as horizontal (e.g. on rooftops), vertical (indoor and outdoor) and conditioned systems (Plant Factories). Forms of services are shop, restaurant, care taking function, education and social function.

On 9 and 10 September 2014 the International Conference on Vertical Farming was held in Nottingham (UK). Worldwide designers, researchers of different disciplines, consultants, suppliers, governmental bodies and urban farmers shared their experiences and knowledge. 

Interest in economic data

Unfortunately many presentations were held about urban farmers, but these farmers were not involved. Moreover, many stakeholders had great interest in economic data about these urban farms. Real economic data enables it to make reliable decisions in developing and optimisation of favourable urban farms.

Earning models

In a PPS project earning models of urban horticulture will be mapped. Which products and services an urban farm is earning his money. The results and insights will be given feedback to the participating farms. The research project will be continued in 2015.