Urbanized Deltas as Complex Adaptive Systems

Published on
May 13, 2014

There is much to gain by applying the Complex Adaptive Systems approach to urbanized deltas. This approach was applied in a project in which three universities (of which Wageningen UR was one), three knowledge institutes, and three private consultancy firms participated.

There are important gains in viewing urbanized deltas with the complex adaptive system approach. Important planning issues related to these areas are: adapting these deltas to changing circumstances, synchronizing the various sectors in the areas, and organizing collective action to realize this. In a recently published paper it is suggested how planners can better deal with these issues: by systematically exploring uncertainties related to future trends and disruptive events, by thinking through the impacts of each sector on other sectors and the area as a whole, and by making joint visions and identifying strategic projects not only among public actors but also with private and civic actors. The approach presented, integrating social, ecological and physical aspects of systems, is relevant for planners as well as scientists.

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