Use and necessity of the DAI

Published on
March 5, 2012

A Digital Author Identification (DAI) is a unique national number that identifies authors from Dutch universities and research institutes. Every Wageningen author who has registered his or her publications in METIS has a DAI.

Using the DAI, an author’s total output can be compiled, even if the author has worked at several institutions or has published under different names. A good example of a similar coupling is KNAW's NARCIS. Using the DAI, NARCIS generates publication lists per author. The data for NARCIS is offered by Wageningen UR Library through METIS and Wageningen Yield. Thanks to a DAI, information from different repositories can be integrated and offered as a single unit, together with information about research projects.
For example:

  • publication list of Dr Emiel van Loon, who previously worked in Wageningen and now works in Amsterdam
  • publication list of Prof. Jan Top, who previously worked in Twente and now works in Wageningen.

The DAIs are registered in the NTA, the National Thesaurus of Author Names, and the link to METIS is made through the NTA. While the National Library of the Netherlands(KB) manages the NTA, Wageningen UR Library is responsible for properly registering Wageningen authors in the NTA. Finally, an NTA link to international thesauri of author names is currently being worked on by the KB and SURF.

(newsletter 2-2012)