Users shape the Wageningen Bibliography

Published on
February 13, 2014

Wageningen UR Library digitises Wageningen UR reports on demand.

Miriam Koene, project leader of Bacterial Diagnostics at Wageningen UR’s Central Veterinary Institute (CVI), was looking for old reports of diagnostic results. Her request was motived by the discovery of anthrax in a soil sample that she’d recently received at the CVI. In the past, the CVI often found anthrax bacteria in its work but kept hardly any documentation on these findings.

That’s why Miriam Koene came knocking on the door of Wageningen UR Library for the annual reports of the former CDI and ID-DLO that were produced from 1985 to 1994. The library had these unique annual reports in its collection, and because this request perfectly matched the goal of the Wageningen Bibliography to track down and, if possible, digitise all Wageningen output, the retrieved annual reports were quickly scanned and placed online by library employees.  

Miriam Koene responds: “Super that the reports were digitised so quickly." By scanning these reports, the Wageningen Bibliography is one small step closer to its completion date of 2018, and one more researcher is happy with the material from the collection of Wageningen UR Library.

Find the annual reports:

ID-DLO 1995
CVI-DLO 1992-1995

CDI 1985-1991