Vacancy for Master students: EDUKANS

Published on
October 4, 2017

EDUKANS is looking for Master students that are interested to investigate further on Edukans’ research topics as part of their thesis.

Worldwide, 71 million youth are unemployed and 156 million young workers live in poverty. Economies of developing countries grow and investing in human capital is a precondition. The education sector is however hardly equipped to provide quality training based on business needs and to guide  youth into (self)employment. Lack of decent jobs result into poverty, food insecurity and triggers migration.

Edukans is committed to realise the best possible education in developing countries. For children, but also for young people who want to learn skills for employment. Because education is the opportunity of a lifetime.

In many developing countries there are hardly any advanced training courses, or the courses that do exist arebadly matched to the range of available jobs. Edukans therefore works on training programmes for professions where there is real demand, one of these programmes is Work Based Learning.

Research topics


  • What are the main causes for migration, and specific: how is it influenced by education and work?
  • What is the role of TVET related to migration? What are the opportunities for work locally and in Europe, in relation to pre-education?

Work Based Learning:

  • What is the business case for companies to enrol in Work-Based Learning?
  • What is the Return of Investment for Youth/Society to invest in TVET?

The research comprises of two phases: A desk-study and interviews in the Netherlands and a field study to further investigate in African countries (probably Kenya, Ethiopia).

What does Edukans offer

  • An international network,
  • Relevant research,
  • Specialist guidance,
  • Exposure,
  • Work place at the Edukans office,
  • Link with existing Edukans programs: Kenya, Ethiopia.

We are looking for

  • Motivated MSc/MAstudents that are interested to investigate further on Edukans’ research topics as part of their thesis.
  • Willing to travel to African countries for field research.
  • At least an English summary and presentation on the research findings.


If you are interested in researching one of the above mentioned topics, please contact Brigitte Cerfontaine, Skills Specialist,for further informationat:; Tel. 0334606010 ext. 115