Vacancy for a thesis student: water footprint of the spa/wellness industry (in Estonia)

Published on
February 4, 2014

The purpose of the research is to apply a water accounting system within the spa industry where water is a prominent resource and attraction. Is the water footprint a feasible indicator in measuring the sustainability around water consumption and waste within the spa industry?

A student of the University of Tartu, Pärnu College in Estonia can/will do the spa management part of the project, but know-how on the more natural-scientific side of the issue (footprint calculation) is lacking in Pärnu. We are looking for a MES student with an interest in water issues, who is keen on contributing by calculating the water footprint itself and improving the methodology for doing so. There is considerable flexibility in designing the research: one or several case studies in Estonia, or a comparative study of Estonian and Dutch spa-and-wellness centres, one aspect of the spa industry or the sector as a whole, etc. The student from Pärnu has written a draft proposal (see pdf) and is eager to develop it further with a Wageningen student.