Visit Indonesian delegation

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30 november 2015

From 22 till 27 November 2015, a delegation from the Indonesian government visited Wageningen University to learn more about Wageningen University’s programmes, structure and projects.

The visit was part of a study tour on the cooperation between Indonesia and The Netherlands on village and community development. The objective of the visit was to explore the new roles regarding the decentralized structure under the new undang undang desa (village law).

Wageningen Academy developed a morning programme for the delegation. Janine Luten managing director started with a presentation about the training possibilities. Jan Verhagen and Rahmat Peijpers presented an overview of projects in Indonesia, such as VegImpact, dairy and poultry. Nico Rozemeijer introduced the Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security in Indonesia (FAFI) and NICHE project Jakarta Fisheries University.

The 29 participants appreciated the interactive presentations. Since the programme was tailor-made for the delegation, the lecturers were able to address their specific questions.

The Indonesian delegation
The Indonesian delegation