Visit to European Foodnexus Startup Challenge

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8 november 2017

With more than 30 BSc and MSc students from 3 entrepreneurship courses Thomas Lans, Domenico Dentoni (MST) and Kim Poldner (MST) visited the semi-finals of the European FoodNexus Startup Challenge.

The trip was sponsored by StartLife and organized to provide entrepreneurship students the possibility to meet the world of food-startups, meet with peers from the other courses as well as to engage in professional networks that surround start-ups (e.g. investors, advisors, corporates). In the food-nexus competition 10 entrepreneurs presented their idea, proposition and progress for a professional jury. Interestingly, one of the presenters was a fellow student from the MSc Track Entrepreneurship, which made the event even more inspiring for those who joined.

The European finals will be in December in Wageningen, which presents another opportunity to visit this event with entrepreneurship students in period 2.

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