WANTED: student for a MSc thesis and internship at IDH

Published on
December 11, 2015

A critical reflection and review of the emergence of sustainable landscape governance: paradigms, potential and pitfalls

Internship at IDH (Initiative Sustainable Trade), preferably followed by a master thesis research

Internship: rewriting and sharpening of practical guide on convening stakeholders for landscape governance, to include the approach and experiences of IDH-managers for 6 landscapes (see 

Thesis: a conceptual review and exploratory study on landscape governance, area-based governance, ecosystem governance, supply-shed governance, jurisdictional approaches, and what have you. Starting questions could be: Do these forms reflect a paradigm shift in thinking on sustainability of global value chains? What are the underlying assumptions of these forms of governance? What are the features in terms of scale and scape, top-down vs bottom-up design, centralization vs democratisation, business-driven vs public-private, etc? What have been the experiences so far with these different forms of landscape governance?


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