WASS Peer Review results

Published on
October 22, 2015

The final results of the WASS peer review have come in recently. The 23 chair groups in WASS were evaluated in terms of their research quality, societal relevance and viability. Overal we are very satisfied with the outcomes.

Three groups (ORL, PAP and ECS) received the highest score for all items. In total 8 groups received an excellent score for research quality, showing a substantial improvement compared with the previous peer review that took place in 2009. Also, societal relevance (9 groups with an excellent score) and viability (11 groups with an excellent score) were evaluated more favourably than in 2009. The peer review committee furthermore made valuable recommendations for WASS, the university as a whole and for the individual chair groups. These recommendations will be discussed in different settings in the coming months and will be turned into new actions.