WUR Data Champion: secure data storing and sharing

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9 juli 2018

The data champions interviewed so far all show different practices – and different strengths – when it comes to the four aspects of WUR’s new data policy: planning, storing, archiving, and registering. Jos van den Puttelaar from Wageningen Economic Research is doing especially well in terms of data storage.

He and his colleagues use solutions offered by WUR’s FB-IT that allow secure storage and sharing – while taking into account their data's sensitivity.

Personal data

WUR’s data policy is based on four data confidentiality levels: open, internal, confidential, and secret. While Jos explains that the confidentiality level of their data differs between projects, he adds: “The default mode of operation is to treat data as confidential.” The group minimises the risk of data loss or leaking through encryption, pseudonymisation, and the use of data sharing protocols.

Sharing securely

Choosing secure storage solutions is key, especially with sensitive data. Jos’ group uses Sharepoint teamsites, a Microsoft web environment, to easily share and edit files. They also use the cloud solution SURFdrive. WUR’s data policy considers both Sharepoint and SURFdrive as suitable for confidential data.

Jos van den Puttelaar, researcher in the Consumer and Chains group of Wageningen Economic Research, tells more in the blogpost on the OpenScience blog.