WUR colleague wins Shanghai Magnolia Award


WUR colleague wins Shanghai Magnolia Award

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11 september 2018

Hans Marvin, senior researcher at RIKILT Wageningen University & Research, will receive the 'Shanghai Magnolia Award' on Wednesday 12 September.

Prominent contribution

The Magnolia Award is presented annually to people who make a prominent contribution to the development of Shanghai. Hans Marvin receives the award because of his collaboration with the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS). RIKILT has had a joint training center in Shanghai since 2014.

Cooperation with SAAS started in 2004 as part of an EU project. This international network project in the field of food safety (SELAMAT) has already ended, but the network is being maintained and is still expanding. Every year, at least 1 training and / or conference is organized.


The Magnolia Award for Hans Marvin is the result of a team effort. Several colleagues regularly visit Shanghai to organize and give training and / or lectures and also collaborate with SAAS in the research activities.

For Shanghai foreign contributions are of great importance to transform the city into a major international innovation center. It wants to be a pioneer in this.

Every year

The Magnolia Award is awarded every year to people who have played an important role for Shanghai in the fields of economy, trade, finance, shipping, educational, tourism, science, technology, health and culture. In 2017, 50 people from 18 countries received the Shanghai Magnolia Award.