WUR in the picture: The Realities of Research Data Management

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2 mei 2018

OCLC Research has published a four-part series on how research universities are addressing the challenge of managing research data throughout the research lifecycle. Wageningen University & Research is among one of the four universities looked at, the others being University of Edinburgh (UK), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US) and Monash University (Australia).

Aspects highlighted in this series include context, influences and choices research universities face in building or acquiring RDM capacity. The four case studies reflect on the choices made by each university regarding the infrastructure, services, and other resources required to support emerging data management practices.

The four reports are titled:

  1. A Tour of the Research Data Management (RDM) Service Space
  2. Scoping the University RDM Service Bundle
  3. Incentives for Building University RDM Services
  4. Sourcing and Scaling University RDM Services

Visit the OCLC website for more information and to read the four-part report.