Winner of the 100 years WUR sweater design announced

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8 juni 2017

The winner of the 100 years WUR Sweater Design Challenge was announced on Friday. The design by Bahadir Can Güz was unanimously selected by the jury.

The challenge was created within the context of the 100th anniversary of Wageningen University & Research coming up in 2018. Circular Economy Student Hub organised the entire challenge in collaboration with 100 years WUR and Unigear. Both students and employees were able to participate.

The winning design was announced on Friday 2 June during the Circular Fashion Symposium. The prize was awarded by jury members Merel Arkenbout (Gifts & Gadgets 100 years WUR Project Group) and Geurt Heimensen (100 years WUR Programme Manager). Other members of the jury were Louise Fresco (President of the Executive Board and President of the 100 years WUR Steering Committee), Marnix de Vries (Unigear), and Dieuwertje de Wagenaar (Circular Economy Student Hub).

The jury selected the design because, among other things, it made creative use of the 100 years WUR logo. Additionally, the colours of the logo look good against the different background colours. Geurt Heimensen explains: "The design is simple yet creative. Furthermore, the colours look good against the different-coloured fabric and the design is fashionable for both men and women.”

Heimensen is pleased with the contributions of the participants of the challenge. “We want everyone involved in the anniversary, so it is great that there were so many submissions.” Arkenbout sees opportunities to implement such design challenges more often. “There are more products to come that we want to design in the style of the anniversary. This challenge was well received, so we will definitely look into whether we can do this more often. For example, there is a bag on the way that still needs to be designed.”

Participants in the challenge did not just have free reign as their designs had to meet a number of conditions. The 100 years logo had to be included, the design had to have a suitable appearance, look good on different-coloured fabrics, and have a creative feel.

The winner, Bahadir Can Güz, began his PhD research in Adaptation Physiology five months ago. He took part because he enjoys designing logos. “At first, I did not want to participate due to lack of time, but one night I had an idea. I was looking for something simple, with the 100 years logo on it. The design was finished within an hour.”

At the end of the summer, the sweater will be printed on organic cotton, which is also fair trade. Beginning in autumn 2017, the sweater will be available for purchase at the WUR shop and will also be included in the December gift for employees.