WaY: easier, faster, completer

Published on
March 23, 2005

WaY (Wageningen Yield) has moved to a new search platform. As a result, search speed has increased dramatically and new search features have become available.

You can now:

  • include initials in your author name search
  • combine search terms in a single input line
  • Use different values within one search field, for instance chairgroups and former chairgroups, separated by a comma
  • put together complex searches in a new Boolean search form
  • generate dynamic links to "on the fly" ordered publication lists containing as many as 500 items

Especially the last option can be very useful for webmasters and WEVER channelmanagers of Wageningen UR. Publications by chair groups, institutes, or authors don't have to be keyed in manually in the Wageningen UR content management system if they are already registered in METIS.
Click the help buttons in the various search forms for more information.

(newsletter 2005-9)