Wageningen Delta Seminar: Water, Climate, Food and Ecosystems in Deltas (22 May 2017)

Published on
June 1, 2017

Wageningen Environmental Research and the Delta Alliance organised a seminar to discuss delta related knowledge development - illustrated by some key research outcomes and identified knowledge gaps. The seminar was well attended by over 80 participants. Bram de Vos, director of Director Wageningen Environmental Research, opened the seminar.

Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Belal, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, started his speech by stating that deltas are the most urbanised areas. Four critical areas need urgent and concerted actions: disappearance of natural land-water transition zones, deltas as centres of transportation hubs of fossil fuel based economies, land use changes, agriculture and fishing are competing with urbanisation, industrialisation and even with nature conservation.
Renske Peters, director of the Delta Alliance, gave an overview of the current activities and an outlook to the future and some current developments for the near future regarding the Delta Coalition (Bangladesh as chair for the coming period) and the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (to be established in the Netherlands).
Ivo Demmers gave an overview of the research carried out by Wageningen Environmental Research. These presentations were followed by a discussion with the audience and five pitch presentations on 1. Water and ecosystems in deltas, 2. Marine environment, aquaculture, building with nature, 3. Climate smart agriculture, water and food in deltas, 4. Delta planning and 5. Deltas in Wageningen education.