Wageningen Mars research at ‘The Martian’ in CineMec


Wageningen Mars research at ‘The Martian’ in CineMec

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30 september 2015

On Tuesday 6 October Wageningen UR researcher Wieger Wamelink will directly prior to the showing of ‘The Martian’ in CineMec Ede, give some brief information about the various research projects of Wageningen UR into the production of food in space. The presentation will be given in the cinema theatre and starts at 19.00 h. In the film the leading actor, played by Matt Damon, is trying to grow plants on the hostile planet of Mars in order to survive.

Any humans ever living on Mars will have to arrange their own food supply; transport from earth will be too costly. It will be best to grow plants because these will yield the largest quantities of the healthiest food. Researchers of Wageningen UR are studying the possibilities and restrictions; they are developing techniques that will give the best results in the International Space Station (ISS) or on the way to and on Mars.

Wieger Wamelink recently succeeded in growing the first ‘mars tomatoes’ on Mars soil ‘made’ by NASA. Colleagues of Wageningen UR prepared a list of plants that are most suitable to produce food in the ISS or on the way to Mars. Other scientists are developing special growing systems that allow plants to grow properly under conditions of low or no gravitation, as prevailing on the ISS.

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