Wageningen Master's programmes once again ranked among the top


Wageningen Master's programmes once again ranked among the top

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8 maart 2019

As in past years, Wageningen University & Research ranks among the best in the annual Keuzegids Masters. Thirteen of the twenty-eight Master's programmes were ranked as “top programmes”. Geo-Information Science even scored 92 out of a maximum of 100 points. The Keuzegids Masters 2019 which provides an “independent comparison of all Master's programmes” was released today.

The best Wageningen study programmes were awarded five stars for their quality. Besides Geo-Information Science, five stars were also awarded to International Land and Water Management. Eleven study programmes, such as Food Safety, Environmental Sciences, and Plant Sciences were awarded four stars.

The results of the Keuzegids show that the large offering of Master's programmes in Biology and Life Sciences in Wageningen could lead to choice overload, as there are so many specialisations in these fields. However, the Keuzegids shows that the educational quality is nearly always up to standard, meaning that this degree programme is “highly recommended”.

For the Keuzegids Masters 2019, 1776 of Wageningen’s first-year Master’s students voiced their opinion. Students rated their degree programme based on various aspects, such as the curriculum, the lecturers, the examinations, and the academic training, as well as how practical the programme is, the study feasibility, the supervision, and the facilities for students. Additionally, experts shared their opinion in regard to the examinations, the ambition, and the final level.

On a national level, the number of Master’s programmes with the “top programme” designation has dropped since last year. This number also decreased in Wageningen: from 21 (out of 27) in 2018, to 13 (out of 28) this year. Nationally, about a hundred programmes from all academic universities received the designation of “top programme”. The total score of Wageningen remained unchanged (68 points, the highest in the Netherlands).