Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture assists local city farm in designing a greenhouse

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10 april 2014

City farm Het Buitenbeest in Zoetermeer attracts more than 140.000 visitors each year. Children visit the farm both for amusement as well as for education in farming. Schools maintain their own plots on site. In a large renovation the city farm was given a greenhouse as extra tool for education, recreation and experience. With help of Wageningen UR city-council employees design the interior of the greenhouse.

The crops and growing systems need to enable education and fun, while volunteers with a wide range of experience need to be able to manage the production. The systems therefore need to be simple, but with interesting horticultural aspects, like hydroponics and a brief history of the development of growing systems from low-tech to high-tech.

The greenhouse will be opened on Friday July 4th.