Wageningen UR Library and Groen Kennisnet

Published on
March 23, 2005

Wageningen UR Library is closely involved with the Groen Kennisnet, which was initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries to promote cooperation between Green Education and Industry.

The common objective is to accomplish a good exchange of knowledge and to guarantee a system whereby information sources relevant to education are easily accessible. Within the structure of the Groen Kennisnet, Wageningen UR Library will be responsible for the selection, availability and management of a major part of the information sources. ARTIK, the file containing articles from Dutch professional journals in the fields of agriculture, nature management, environment, fisheries, countryside, soil and nutrition, will serve as the basis. Through discussions and cooperation with Green Education ARTIK will be supplemented by other relevant, as far as possible electronic, information sources such as books, reports, Internet sources, websites and imaging material.

    (newsletter 4-2005)