Wageningen UR Library makes files

Published on
September 4, 2012

Wageningen UR Library is collaborating with Groen Kennisnet in making files on request. The Library creates files at the request of a Groen Kennisnet partner, but it also takes the initiative to create files on current topics. In both cases, files are almost always created with an expert from Wageningen UR.

Files offer a short overview with explanations and background information about a specific subject. By creating files, Wageningen UR’s knowledge is linked to (green) education.

Last spring the following files on current topics were created:

Specially created for education is the quite recent Regional Learning file. Regional learning is a form of project-based learning in which students learn by working on problem resolution or situation betterment in the area of their school. The regional learning file links to 5 supporting files with examples of regional learning at several green schools.

Contact: Rob van Genderen.

(newsletter 5-2012)