Wageningen UR Plant Breeding to co-organise the 2016 International Mushroom Conference (ISMS)


Wageningen UR Plant Breeding to co-organize the 2016 International Mushroom Conference (ISMS)

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30 juli 2015

Mushroom scientists of Wageningen UR, Maastricht University and Universiteit Utrecht will head the scientific organisation of the 2016 International Mushroom Conference (ISMS). The event will take place in the Music Hall (Muziekgebouw aan het IJ) in Amsterdam from May 29 till June 3, 2016.

Every 4 years the International Society for Mushroom Science (ISMS) organizes an international conference to further the cultivation of edible (including medicinal) fungi. The conference is the most extended conference on mushrooms worldwide and brings together mushroom researchers from many disciplines. The ISMS 2016 conference will be matched with the trade fair “Open Dutch Mushroom Days” held in ‘s Hertogenbosch following the ISMS congress with an overlap of one day. This offers ample opportunities for contacts between the mushroom industry and scientists .

The Netherlands are one of the most prominent mushroom producing countries and research has contributed greatly to this development. The Netherlands have a longstanding history in mushroom research. At Wageningen UR scientists carry out both fundamental and applied research on edible and medicinal mushrooms. Wageningen UR has, therefore, been ask to head the scientific organization in cooperation with the University of Maastricht and Utrecht. The conference is now open for registration