Wageningen UR helps China to design a distinctive village


Wageningen UR helps China to design a distinctive village

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11 november 2015

Wageningen UR and Weining Group are going to design a distinctive village to attract young people to the local villages near Wangdian town. This project is a first step in developing a long term partnership.

The project covers three villages near Wangdian town (Zhejiang province), with 443 households (about 1500 inhabitants) and 5,170 mu arable land, together with 300 mu construction land. The reason why Weiming Group did approach Wageningen UR was to introduce high-tech agricultural technology and experience to China and to explore effective and advanced model for urbanization and agricultural modernization of Chinese towns. The agreement for this project was signed by vice-chairman of Wageningen UR Prof. Mol and Weiming CEO Mr. Chen during the Royal visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima to China.

Ornamental value chains

The purpose of this research project is to develop a strategy to establish green, but economically viable ornamental value chains and how these chains can be integrated in the local villages near Wangdian town. The local government would like to attract young people to this area by using modern business models. The outcome of this project will be a unique integrated and strategic plan (strategic design) for the production and distribution of ornamental products.

Logistic service platform

The strategic plan will show what type of ornamentals could be produced locally (cut ornamentals, flower bulbs, pot plants, perennials, shrubs conifers, trees), what to produce elsewhere and what technology is required. Cultivation of these crops is an labor and capital intensive activity and, if successful, has high added value. For a good quality production well trained personnel is needed. The ornamental products will be brought to the local outlet channels via a newly developed logistics service platform which will be integrated in the local environment to obtain the distinctive character of the local villages. Also the services needed to assist the development of the ornamental chains (training services, irrigation, packaging, logistics) and how to sell the produce to what kind of market are part of the strategic plan.

Weiming group

Weiming Group is a commercial company focusing on providing IT services on logistics information as well as building transportation hubs near Yangtze Delta and Pear Delta.