Brightlands Materials Center


Wageningen UR involved in Brightlands Materials Center

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19 maart 2015

Today, a new research and development center is opened to further untap the potential of polymeric materials at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research will be involved in the centre, bringing in its key expertises on sustainable packaging and recycling. The centre focuses on six main research areas, of which Food & Biobased Research will support two as a start.

The Brightlands Materials Center will bring top scientists and industry professionals together to join forces to develop sustainable, breakthrough materials and application technologies that will change the market. Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research will give the centre a jump start, supporting it with a track record of over 30-years in biobased product research & development. Food & Biobased Research will focus on sustainable and biobased packaging research, and research into end-of-life options of these materials, such as recycling.

Shared Knowledge and Research Programs

The center meets the challenges of the 21th century by applying scientific knowledge to industrial and societal needs. Top scientists and industry professionals will work together with PhD and Master students in joint research programs in the field of sustainable packaging, lightweight automotive, smart polymer-based opto-electronics, additive manufacturing and recycling. The center is complimentary to the materials institutes, companies and centers already present in the Netherlands. Forces will be joined with running programmes such as the Biobased Performance Materials Programme. It’s another step for the Netherlands in developing the best and most innovative international materials knowledge area worldwide.

Inspiring innovations in plastics

The Brightlands Chemelot Campus offers a neutral meeting platform, an international, industrial network and high-tech infrastructure with opportunities for valorization of developed knowledge and innovation ideas in plastics. By combining technologies of partners and collaborations along the whole value chain the Brightlands Materials Center speeds up time-to-market. Food & Biobased Research will bring in key technologies used for biobased product development and research on end-of-life options. The Brightlands Materials Center is set up to be an open and evolving community, inviting students, entrepreneurs, universities, companies and other knowledge organizations to join.

The Brightlands Materials Center is a public-private initiative in the scope of the Topsector Chemistry. In the new center both the Soft Materials Roadmap of the topsector HTSM and the Advanced Materials Roadmap of the Topsector Chemistry will be connected by sharing keycompetences and network which will fuel shared innovation between both topsectors.