first horticultural training in Rwanda


Wageningen UR provides first horticultural training in Rwanda

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2 september 2015

Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture participates with a number of Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in the SMART (Smart Adaptive Sustainable Horticulture) programme. This programme focuses on Africa and realizes demonstrations and trainings for greenhouse cultivation systems at different levels of technology in Rwanda and South Africa.

Rwanda has a climate that is suitable for, protected cultivation. Also, the country knows a strongly growing interest in protected cultivation.

Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has provided training together with companies RijkZwaan and Koppert at the RwandaBest Company. This was in preparation for the first cultivation season that will commence this year in a newly constructed greenhouse of Bosman Van Zaal with installations of Hoogendoorn.

Greenhouse horticulture can be improved considerably

Protected horticulture in Rwanda is currently at a relatively low level in terms of technology, cultivation, production and product quality. Crop care, water and nutrient application, crop protection and post-harvest can be improved considerably.

There certainly is demand for, for example, good tomatoes, for instance in supermarkets and hotels. But such buyers expect stable supply and quality.

The trainings were attended by management and employers of the RwandaBest Company. In the future, open days and additional trainings will be organized to further support the Rwandese horticultural sector and introduce Netherlands greenhouse technology.

The horticultural training in Rwanda was sponsored by Facility Sustainability and Food Security (FDOV) of RVO (National Enterprising Netherlands).